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Lunatic's Backstory (Part 2)

Posted by AliceIsHyped - 9 days ago

8 years has gone by and Celestia finally had somepony to watch over Lunatic. The pony appeared to be a younger unicorn with a white coat, grey silky mane and dark blue eyes.

"You called Celestia?" His eyes verted to meet Celestia's, the colt being seeming to be more intelligent for his youth and he'd listen to any request anyone has to offer

"Would you mind taking care of Lunatic for me? I already filed and listed things that's wrong with her. It's mainly her senses that you'll be taken care of."

"I don't think you failed her fully, since we don't have a single crack in the universe anymore. But I'd definitely fix her vocals and could try to make her speak." The white unicorn smirked and went on his way to Lunatic's files.

"Thank you Tele" Celestia left the lab's grounds and disappeared once she hitted the stairs.

Tele turned his gaze over to the contaminants and found Lunatic in a corner of the room. He read the important things he had to do before checking her vocals. A very low pitch was heard from the speakers and he'd examine it for himself. "Can you hear me?" He'd question her.

Lunatic's eyes blinked and tried to respond to the colt. She lifted her mouth slightly, but no word has came out yet. Tele assumed she must be hearing him.

"Your doing okay so far..." He runs some more tests "Can you say... Tele?" He knew his name was easy to pronounce.

Lunatic opened her mouth again, and out came the response he was looking for. "Tuh-T-Tele..? (hehe)"

"That's uh.. a bit strange but I'll take it I guess. Can you say that again?" Tele waited for her to say his name again..

"Tele! (hehe)" Tele checked Lunatic's vocals again but there was nothing wrong with it.

"Okay... now say your name." Tele commanded

"I-it's... L-Lu-Luna.. Lunatic.." Lunatic didn't giggle when she said her name. Tele wrote a note that said: "Lunatic identifies someone by her laugh, but not her own"


"Okay, that should be it. I'll release you right now..." He lowered the tube and Lunatic fell down, then he helped her get up.

"W-w-wait.. w-wh-where you taking m-me..?" She'd blinked at him

"Somewhere I can keep you safe.. you'll live with me for a while.." Was his response, walking out of the lab and into a portal, taking her.


"So... I know it's been years but.. you hungry? What do you want to eat..?" Tele asked Lunatic, setting her on a small stool made for her.

Lunatic stared deep right into Tele's eyes and pounced on top of him. Tele froze in confusion as he was almost knocked out.